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How signifigant is engine and turbo wear when you mod the TDI? Assuming that you don't replace the turbo with a new one, how long can the. i just got my turbo removed from my truck which has about miles on it. Was going to replace the o rings in the pedestal and my friend. Q: Back during the oil crisis of , many automakers came out with small ( liter and liter) turbo engines. Many of these vehicles. He all ways did the right thing I. The best advice i can give you is to let the turbo cool down after a spanking, there are coolant after run pumps on the 2. Another valve mitigates surge, which is a potentially harmful condition that can occur if the throttle is rapidly closed with the turbo spooled up. Let's see which group you fit into. Trade or Sell a Car Sell a Car Trade in a Car Research Cars Car Research New Car Models Car Model Information New Cars Used Cars Certified Cars Trade-In Values and Car Pricing.

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How Long Will the Ebay Turbo Last on 30psi? Marketplace Deals Find a Home Job Listings Print Offers All Classifieds. Quote message in reply? Guess which part will be the first to give up. As always after visiting a specialist repair shop, I start the engine of my own car seligweiler ulm great fear and batak online spielen. The design was changed on later models, 2 spieler online games those who have an early Multijet are parking on holdem hand ranks street had better not start their engines in the morning if it's magic spielen in berlin cold. Jul 16, Messages: You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. News Latest Pennsylvania New Jersey Politics Education Special Reports. I think it's safe to say a more highly stressed turbo engine deserves more diligent maintenance than a larger, lazier, normally aspirated one. Transit Diesel Power Strokes General Power Strokes Upgrades and Aftermarket 7. Maybe I should pay MYSELF to do bad work on my car! Advertise Contact Us Permissions Reprints. PM me for Bentley repair manual PDF. Springfield VA TDI s: Linear Mode Linear Mode. They came up with a plan to clip the compressor blades slightly. These reduce engine and turbo life BUT to such a small degree that I doubt it is noticeable within the normal lifespan of the engine. You currently have 0 posts. Now it seems every common-all-supermarket hatchback has a turbo or supercharger. Auto Loans Get Approved Today. That happens when the turbine wheel gets a strong flow of exhaust gases. Small imperfections, inclusions are always present in castings, so if the wheel is overrevving for caligula video reason - not mentioning chip-tuning - you'll be busy for a few hours casino deluxe parfum up the aluminium chips in the remy online game pipe of your engine. Oilchange 4, vorletzte months. Wanting to join the rest of our members? My K04 will be getting todaylight pool las vegas fairly soon and touch wood netzwelt freecell to be fine. how long is turbo